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Nectar™ Performance Grease 1oz

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Introducing Nectar™ performance grease from Immortal Air! For the past 25 years making high pressure regulators we have always remained consistent with our choice in performance grease.  From Air America to Immortal Air we now offer our Immortal Air™ Nectar™ performance grease! This is a 100% silicone compound made to withstand some of the harshest environments and is 100% safe for use on O-rings, gaskets, and seals used today in paintball. With NO extra additives, is 100% FREE of any petroleum based products & distillates, and has a smooth texture and perfect consistency that works exceptional within your high pressure regulator and other paintball related applications. The Immortal Air™ Nectar™ performance grease doesn’t swell O-rings and has excellent resistance to moisture; this stuff lasts!


INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: For smoother operation and peak performance, use during cleaning or maintenance. This Silicone formula lubricates and reduces friction, and is 100% safe to use on all paintball regulators and o-rings. We suggest to lightly coat all internal o-rings (dynamic or static) within your high pressure air regulator. For best results, clean regulator and re-apply Immortal Air Nectar Performance Grease to o-rings every 10,000 shots. This product is not intended for human consumption, wash hands after use with soap and water. Separation is possible due to temperature changes or periods of minimal to no use, in the event of separation simply stir product and continue use as normal.

PRODUCT WARNINGS: This product may cause minor eye and skin irritation. Inhalation and ingestion are not intended routes of exposure during normal use, use only as directed on instructions. Do not expose to heat, flame, sparks, or any other ignition sources. Do not ingest, keep out of eyes, mouth, nose, and wash hands after each use with soap and water. Keep this product out of reach of children! This product is NOT intended for human consumption and only for use as described in the instructions for use.

Product Information:

Container Size: 1oz | 30mL
Net Weight: 1oz
Gross Weight: 1.7oz
Product Color: White/Translucent
Texture: Grease
Odor: None

For additional information or MSDS sheets for Immortal Air™ Nectar™, please contact us at sales@immortalair.com

Additional information

Weight .2 lbs
Dimensions 2 × 2 × 2 in

1 review for Nectar™ Performance Grease 1oz

  1. Tom Wilkinson

    So I have been using the IA Grease for my 3 IA Regulators for a year now. The constant consistency of the Regs flawless operation I started using it on my marker regulators a few months ago and have been very happy with the results. Both my XTS and my Emek have shown improvements in FPS consistency.

    The cool thing about this grease is how it slightly liquifies with motion and becomes very slick. So started using it on my Emek bolt and loved it. Even when it thins from motion the grease stays put, I have not seen any blow back into my bolt valves. I have also noticed it is leaving a nice coating of grease in the cans to me creating less friction instead of the orings acting like wipers and moving grease to either side. I have found it doesn’t break down as quickly and I don’t have to grease my regulators as often.

    All around the past few months this has been my go to grease throughout both my guns leaving less maintenance. Also from what I seeing less wear on my orings and more consistency through out my guns. To me there is something about no frills product that has been used in the sport for the last 25 years. It just works and to me works extremely well.

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