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Immortal Air™ Mission

For those of you who have been in Paintball for a long time, you are the fortunate minority to have witnessed the dramatic evolution of the air delivery system change from the field standard of CO2 to HPA and to the incredible air systems that are in use today.

We at IMMORTAL AIR™ are proud to have been the catalyst and architects of that revolutionary odyssey. From the APOLCALYPSE™, ARMAGEDDON™ and ME’LEE™ regulators at Air America Inc™ to the AMBUSH™, ASSAULT™ and MYTH™ regulators at Guerrilla Air Inc™….Since the beginning we have always brought the very best & most innovative regulators ever produced to this industry and continue that legacy today!

IMMORTAL AIR™ is now moving forward by going back to the nucleus of this sport, you the players! Our inherent belief has always been that this sport begins and ends with each and every player that hits the field for the very first time as that initial player experience is everything. That is why we have created a new line of unique hybrid powerhouse regulators that will fulfill the need of every player no matter what your experience level may be. From the beginner to the pros, our regulators will meet your every demand!

Our 30 years of unsurpassed technology, safety and reliability combined with progressive innovation are embodied in our new generation of regulators, named the 3000psi Lil’ Bit™ and the 4500psi Aura™. We are proud to say that our newest line of regulators are extremely safe, very tough and simply keep working with supreme reliability and efficiency!

Thank you for allowing us to continue our legacy and know that we at Immortal Air™ are committed to bringing you legendary service and iconic products once again!