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Immortal XTS Toxic Splatter


The Immortal-XTS Toxic Splatter is the perfect harmony of form, function, and and a visual marker masterpiece!  The Immortal-XTS Toxic Splatter is packed with the amazing features of the MacDev Prime XTS platform. The Prime XTS has everything you need, and nothing you don’t making for a perfect addition to any gear bag!

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Nothing feels better than perfect harmony between a regulator and the marker. When we paired a MacDev marker to one our XLP regulators there was no turning back for us.  The MacDev Prime XTS is a beyond solid platform and now available with an exclusive twist from Immortal Air; we are pleased to offer the Immortal-XTS. This is the perfect harmony of form, function, and a visual marker masterpiece!  The Immortal-XTS Toxic Splatter features the Prime XTS platform and is packed with some amazing features, and many pro teams agree, there are features you need, and there are gimmicks. The Prime XTS has everything you need, and nothing you don’t. The Immortal-XTS Toxic Splatter features a unique anodize finish and due to the nature of this “by hand” process, no two markers will be exactly the same. The Immortal-XTS features:

  • MacDev Prime XTS Platform
    • Provides the perfect combination of form, function, and a visually stunning marker masterpiece
    • Immortal-XTS series markers carry the MacDev factory warranty, which provides 12 months warranty against manufacturing defects. Please retain your proof of purchase, as this warranty begins from the date of purchase on a brand new marker purchased from Immortal Air
  • Prime Infinity Drive
    • Dual Bumpers to reduce kick during firing
    • Fixed valve design providing a more consistent shot every time
    • The Infinity drive was field tested for an unprecedented 18 months, and has matured for two years in the Prime 1 model. The infinity drive has been tested in all conditions, so you know you can rely on it
  • Electronics designed to perform in harsh conditions
    • Rebuilt electronics to compliment the new body design of the Prime XTS with an emphasis on reliability
    • Wire Free design featuring the Prime’s wire free disconnect system giving players the first wire free frame/body connection
    • The electronics have been built with larger components and larger space between the electronic tracks. When combined with the new close fit grips, this means the Prime electronics can handle moisture and dirt like never before
    • The strong aluminum frame has integrated rubber grips for superior comfort. The rubber is recessed into the aluminium for a comfortable and most importantly, water resistant fit protecting your electronics
  • Integrated OLED screen
    • The 65K colour OLED screen is integrated directly into the aluminium frame, making it strong, and located in an easy to read side location
  • New Front Grip Design
    • The strong, metal front grip is overlaid with a rubber grip to give both strength and comfort
    • The new front grip design offers an adjustable angle of 0 degrees or 8 degrees
  • Prime Trigger System
    • The Prime trigger system can be removed from the marker with bearings and spring carrier intact, giving you unprecedented control over your trigger
    • Built-in anti-vibration
    • Wide Spaced Bearings meaning less side to side movement, giving players that “buttery” smooth trigger pull

Each Immortal-XTS is shipped with: – Protective gun case – Tool set in a custom holder – Spares Package – Barrel blocker – Printed users manual – Shift 3 Barrel system with two barrel inserts – 0.681″ and 0.689″

Additional information

Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 5 in
Immortal XTS Series Color Options

Immortal XTS Green Splatter Fade


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