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ImmortaLITE™ Candy Series System 88/4500


An evolution of the proven Immortal Air Aura™ regulator used by some of the very best teams and players in the paintball world. The new Aura Ascent™ and ImmortaLITE™ carbon fiber cylinders are an extension of the soul that has powered the innovation of Immortal Air™ – a refusal to accept “good enough” as enough and a belief that better is always out there to be created, crafted and delivered to our customers. The remarkable new Aura Ascent™ from Immortal Air™ optimizes everything a serious paintball player has come to demand from a world-class compressed air system – efficiency, consistency, reliability, and sheer performance in a compact, lightweight, easily serviceable package. Dynamic seating surfaces, high pressure urethane o-rings, and a protective coating to minimize friction and prevent corrosion. Add a fixed port gas body to create a more durable, more efficient, more consistent, more reliable regulator.

The Immortal Air Aura Ascent™ regulator provides a noticeable difference in consistency, efficiency, and overall performance of any paintball marker to which it is attached – a truly instant upgrade

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What you get:
One (1) – 88/4500 ImmortaLITE™ Carbon Fiber Candy Series bottle
One (1) – Immortal Air™ Aura Ascent™ 4500psi Regulator (choice of output pressure)

  • Immortal Air™ ImmortaLITE™  Carbon Fiber Bottles feature a High Quality finish and various base colors and styles!
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bottle – 88/4500 Bottle with Aura Ascent™ regulator comes in at approximately 2.36 lbs
  • UN/ISO 11119-2 Carbon Fiber Bottle – Which are globally accepted cylinders with the exception of Australia.
    • Please check with your jurisdictional organization for more information on ISO standards that are accepted.
    • For our US and Canada customers: all Immortal Air™ ImmortaLITE™ carbon fiber bottles have the USA designation, and can be filled anywhere any DOT or TC approved bottles can be filled.
  • Immortal Air™ regulators feature a 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Pi0035 Approved Regulator!
  • Patented Immortal Air™ Technology – U.S. PATENT NUMBERS: 9,518,800 & 10,345,073.
  • Light and compact design – Not too big, not too small, that just right comfortable feel.
  • Our new Aura Ascent™ Regulator is included with each ImmortaLITE™ Carbon Fiber system
    • Unmatched Efficiency – A step above our GOLD standard!  One of the most efficient regulators on the market! Up to 30% more shots over the competition!
    • High Flow Rate – contributing to instantaneous recharge and eliminating shoot-down while providing the performance YOU demand when it is most critical!
    • Superior Consistency – Smooth shooting all the way through thanks in part to our increased flow
    • Competition Tough Reliability – includes our our new Dynamic Seating Surface
    • High Pressure Urethane Orings
    • Matte Black Finish for a sleek finish
    • Includes our Wrench Flat incorporated bonnet design, stylish design that serves a true purpose!
    • Industry Standard 5/8″-18 pressure vessel mounting threads
    • Includes our Quickpack™ Modular Springpack
  • Wide range of fully changeable pressures! Simply done using our Quick Pack™ Spring Pack – Allowing for fast, precision output pressure conversion.
    • 430psi – Xtra Low Pressure
    • 550psi – Low Pressure
    • 850psi – Mid Pressure
    • 1100psi – High Pressure
    • Other pressures available please email sales@immortalair.com for more information on your request
  • High Side and Low Side Safety Burst Disks
  • Immortal Air™ Micro Gauges
  • Stainless Steel Air America Designed Fill Nipple – Durable and Zero issues with fill station compatibility
  • Easy and Quick Rebuild – The Aura Ascent™ can be rebuilt in a matter of minutes using common hex key wrenches and our Immortal Air™ grease
  • Integrated mounting tang Vent Grooves – Allows for total venting prior to regulator disengagement

Please Note: Product weight shown in the “Additional Details” section is for shipping purposes and DOES NOT reflect the product’s actual weight.  The shipping weight is always more than the product’s weight to be able to accommodate packing materials to ensure a safe delivery.  Each bottle varies slightly due to the coating applied, different bottles from the same lot can vary a few grams up or down from the average.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 5 × 5 in
Output Pressure

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ImmortaLITE™ Candy Series Color Options

Rootbeer Candy


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