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Immortal Air™ ImmortaLITE™ 77/4500 Carbon Fiber BOTTLE ONLY


This item DOES NOT include a regulator. It consists only of a carbon fiber cylinder!


ATTENTION – This package DOES NOT include a regulator. It consists only of a carbon fiber cylinder!

What you get:
1 – 77/4500 ImmortaLITE™ Carbon Fiber Bottle – NO REGULATOR

  • Immortal Air™ ImmortaLITE™  Carbon Fiber Bottles feature a High Quality finish, Immortal Air™ branded label, and durable coating
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bottle – 77/4500 Bottle without regulator comes in at 9 overall length and ONLY 1.9 lbs!!!
  • High Quality Watermark Immortal Air™ ImmortaLITE™ label
  • UN/ISO 11119-2 Carbon Fiber Bottle – Which are globally accepted cylinders with the exception of Australia.
    • Please check with your jurisdictional organization for more information on ISO standards that are accepted.
    • For our US and Canada customers: all Immortal Air™ ImmortaLITE™ carbon fiber bottles have the USA designation, and can be filled anywhere any DOT or TC approved bottles can be filled.
    • Light and compact design – Just right: not too big, not too small, just right comfortable feel.

Please Note: Product weight shown in the “Additional Details” section is for shipping purposes and DOES NOT reflect the product’s actual weight.  The shipping weight is always more than the product’s weight to be able to accommodate packing materials to ensure a safe delivery.  Each bottle varies slightly due to the coating applied, different bottles from the same lot can vary a few grams up or down from the average.

Additional information

Weight 3.1 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 5 × 5 in


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