Immortal Air™ 68/4500 Carbon Fiber System

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The Immortal Air™ Original Carbon Fiber System featuring our Aura regulator™ is a lightweight and high performance air system that has gone through rigorous testing and is player approved – keeping the players on they field where they belong! The Immortal Air™ 68ci/4500psi Carbon Fiber system is paired with our Aura™ regulator, which is equipped with numerous safety and performance features to provide you with an extraordinary playing experience. Trial by fire, player approved. Fully Adjustable simply by dropping in a preset QuickPack™ Springpack…The fastest and easiest way to adjust your regulator!

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  • Immortal Air™ Carbon Fiber Bottles feature a High Quality finish and durable coating
  • Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bottle
  • High Quality Watermark Immortal Air™ label
  • DOT-TC-Pi Tri-Labeled Carbon Fiber Bottle – Approved for use in many markets!
  • Immortal Air™ regulators feature a 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • DOT-TC-ISO Approved Regulator for World Wide use!
  • Patented Technology – One of the most efficient regulators on the market! Up to 30% more shots over the competition! – U.S. PATENT NUMBER: 9,518,800
  • Light and compact – Just right: not too big, not too small – eliminates the need for a reg extender
  • Massive flow rate / instantaneous recharge – No shoot-down – “Rock Solid” performance
  • Fully adjustable output pressure range via the Quick Pack™/Spring Pack – Allows for fast, precision output pressure conversion
  • ISO certified anodizing / sand-blasted finish – Attractive and durable – Super Sharp!
  • Stylish Exterior Design w/ incorporated wrench flats – Ease of use
  • ASTM Approved Burst Assemblies – Hi and Lo sides
  • Micro gauges – Standard equipment
  • Totally rebuildable, user friendly – Full line of parts kit support – uses standard tools, no need for special keys
  • Integrated mounting tang Vent Grooves – Permits total venting prior to regulator disengagement
  • Industry Standard 5/8-18 pressure vessel mounting threads – Fits all tanks in current use
  • Stainless Steel universal fill nipple – Durable – No fill station compatibility issues
  • Fully automated ISO Certified CNC machining – Ensures exacting specifications
  • Billet aerospace grade aluminum – Main body construction
  • Meets Military Spec. MIL-I-4520A
  • Please note: Product weight shown is for shipping purposes and does not reflect actual product weight

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Weight 3.1 lbs
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1 review for Immortal Air™ 68/4500 Carbon Fiber System

  1. Rusty Whaley (verified owner)

    Shipping was ultra quick and well packed. Upon opening the package I was blinded by a ray of sheer magnificence! The pure aura awesomeness of this tank washed over me and my apartment. Everything was imbued with its power! Instead of sticks and balls, my dog now fetches me hand rolled Cuban cigars and barrels of aged whiskey. My computer ramped up to the point of sentience and has take care of my work for the next 5 years for me! The air fresheners swapped that fruity crap for straight pheromones and summoned a wall of sexy single women. Hell this tank even dimmed the lights to make it all romantic-y and shit! I picked the tank up to hold it aloft so that all may bask in its brilliance and found it to be near weightless! Obviously this can be attributed to a combination of hyper-science alien tech, and the fact that just being near one of these bad mother fuckers will add 50 pound of lean, steel like muscle mass onto you! It was at that point my refrigerator door blew off its hinges because it was now overflowing with tomahawk cut Rib-eye steaks and cold dark beer! I think this was an attempt to mimic the tanks stunning rate of air flow! As you can imagine, the fridge was paled in comparison. To sum it up, if you like winning, whiskey, freedom, Cigars, steaks, and Sexy women, GET THIS TANK! If you prefer salads and second place… I doubt your ready..

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