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Immortal Air™ 13/3000 Aluminum System


Our Immortal Air™ 13ci/3000psi Aluminum System is equipped with our Aura™ Ascent™ regulator, which has numerous safety and performance features to provide you with an extraordinary playing experience. Trial by fire, this high performance regulator that has gone through rigorous testing and is player approved – keeping the players on they field where they belong! Not only are these cylinders ISO approved for global use in nearly every country**!

** Please Note ** – UN/ISO7566 Aluminum cylinders are approved for global use. Please keep in mind, not all jurisdictions across the globe accept ISO’s non-limited lifespan rating, and may have limitations of 38 years, or less. Please check with your jurisdictional organization for more information on ISO standards that are accepted. For our US and Canada customers: our 13/3000 aluminum bottles have the USA designation, and can be filled anywhere any DOT or TC approved bottles can be filled.

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  • Immortal Air™ regulators feature a 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Pi & ISO approved 3000 PSI Regulator – Approved for use anywhere in the world!
  • Patented Technology – One of the most efficient regulators on the market! Up to 30% more shots over the competition! – U.S. PATENT NUMBER: 9,518,800
  • Light and compact – Just right: not too big, not too small – eliminates the need for a reg extender
  • Massive flow rate & instantaneous recharge – No shoot-down – “Rock Solid” performance
  • Various Output Pressures available
    • 430psi
    • 550psi
    • 850psi
  • Billet aerospace grade aluminum – Lighter weight and increased durability
  • Massive flow rate / instantaneous recharge – No shoot-down – “Rock Solid” & “Efficient” performance
  • Blacked Out universal fill nipple – Durable – No fill station compatibility issue
  • Meets Military Spec. MIL-I-4520A
  • Please note: Product weight shown is for shipping purposes and does not reflect actual product weight

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 2 × 2 in
Output Pressure

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